Making more, Possible

Our goal is to get your business from where you are now, to where your business CAN be. We focus on business and technology. By harnessing all modern-day-technology has to offer, we can propel your business to the next level. 

What sets us apart

People come first.  Sure, numbers matter. Technology matters. Efficiency matters. But they don't matter nearly as much as people do. Abel Technologies focuses on people first. We want you to succeed so we will work together to better understand your challenges, goals and budget to deliver solutions that work best for you and your business.

Our Team


Founder and chief visionary, Abel is the driving force behind the company. He loves keeping busy and is constantly furthering his education and training to stay relevant. Optimization is always his goal while providing the best support possible. 


Ana Maria is one of the iconic people in life who can say they love what they do. She loves taking on challenges and with 5+ years of experience in Healthcare IT, Ana Maria brings in a very unique perspective and approach to client strategies and solutions.   


With over 15 years of experience in maintaining a functional and operative work environment in Healthcare, Ivy very seamlessly creates a well-balanced work environment while making sure all client needs are met in an organized and timely fashion. 


Being a part of the military, Alvaro is intuitively engineered to strive for the best results. With the level  of accountability that comes from military experience, Alvaro is not only an amazing resource, but leader, holding Abel Technologies to the highest standards.